Tuesday, November 15, 2011

60 Day Juice Fast... Day 6

Well, it's true what they say... after a handful of days of being VERY hungry your body gets over it.. after a couple of more days your MIND gets over it. We kept finding ourselves thinking we were hungry but realized we were not... our brains just felt like eating. It's weird to be able to tell the difference, as normally you don't... you would just... eat. Guess that's half the problem!

Our counters are full of fruit, our fridge is full of veg... I don't know who we have become! I feel much better in most ways. I had a few jewelry pieces I needed to make this morning (really needed to do them yesterday but had a last minuet dentist appointment for my daughter). After about 3 hours working I can't hardly walk because of my back. I've decided to shut the shop until after we move. If I can't get these slipped discs in better shape I will never be able to make the long drive up, I'm worried!

I've lost 7 pounds so far from this fast. I hope that loosing some weight will help my arthritis and just... everything. Can't hurt!! I have much more energy than usual and that is nice! If you are reading this thinking about doing a juice fast... I say try it!

We watched "Forks Over Knives" yesterday, that was really interesting. Being a vegan would be a challenge for me b/c of my severe allergy to legumes but I can come a lot closer I am sure. TTFN! xoxo Christine

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