Saturday, November 12, 2011

60 Day Juice Fast... Day 3

So I've been thinking and researching going on a raw food diet for a couple of years, and different kinds of fasts... I was just never motivated enough to DO it. The other day I watched a documentary called "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" on Netflix and that was motivation enough. You watch this nice guy named Joe, go from well... as stated above, to healthy... in 60 days. It's pretty amazing.

My husband decided to do it with me. He's having a bit of a harder time than I am. I generally skip meals and only eat once a day as it is (hence my horrid metabolism). I figured I would have an easier time transitioning to the whole "no eating" thing than he would.

We got a juicer and lots of different fruits and veggies, it's pretty fun. I've just been randomly throwing veg and fruit into it, trying to cover all the colors each day. I haven't made anything that was too gross to drink yet.

I've been getting some headaches and feel kind of grumpy... but I have also lost 3 pounds. I'll be skipping out on Thanksgiving dinner (but I'll cook it for my kids) and I'll be skipping out on Christmas dinner too... but I figure if I really want to change my habits, if I can be strong enough to skip that stuff then all the better for really making a change. So cheers! I'll keep updating as it goes.

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