Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Giving Up the Flesh

I had seen him just the day before
I saw the signs
The dark color creeping in
Talking to people who were not there
The pinch of blue around the temples and the lips
No more food or even water
He was making his way out
His body fighting itself to stay alive
Fighting itself to die
I had to go home
Back to my children
In a panic
In a rage
Because I was not THERE
And I left her all alone with him
All alone watching him die
Watching what she refused to see
"We have lots of time."
As I called and begged and searched for a way
A phone call
"I'm on my way."
"Don't worry it's not going to be anytime soon."
Five minuets later
"Your grandfather just died while I was on the phone with you."
Racing up
What's the hurry
He is gone
Seeing him for the last time I ever will
Our relationship is over
No more time left for any stories
The last link to my father gone now
I cut his hair to keep
Told him I was sorry for the bad job
But didn't think he would mind
I had seen him just the day before
He is much as he was
Mouth open
Ready for a snore
But none will come
He is gone
Two hours dead and body still warm
Not from the life of flesh but from the infection that rages
New signs already
Signs of the change that sets in
Mouth is dry
Flesh is.... changed
The dance and the race and the fight of each cell
To live
Each second
Each day
The spark is two hours gone
We spend our lives fighting to live
And in just moments after death wins
We are changed
Our bodies are not pure pieces of our souls
They are meat
That dies and rots
Our family is strange
We scoff at the idea of God
But ghosts
Well, we suppose that is likely
My Grandmother thinks he sends her messages through the radio
I hope it is so

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